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Please take regular Backup of your data into CD/ USB drive to secure your valulable data from accidents / failures
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Support 1. Binary VB Runpack For Re installation - for existing customers.
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Download all 3 files BinaryGenSet.Cab, Setup.exe, Setup.lst into a folder and click setup to start the installation - use it When you windows operating system is reinstalled or you have any problems in installation of the software. You only need to Run the Setup file.

In Some Systems set up requires restarting. After restarting again run the setup

-- If any abort, retry, ignore error occurs Click the Ignore Button

-- Click YES when your system already have latest versions of files being copied

2. Cotton Plus - New installation.- Demo for Non customers.
  Download and install Binary VB Runpack as mentioned above(1). Then download all the files in folder CottonPlus. Click the Cottonplus program to start.
3.SQL Database Backup And Restore
3.1 backup database SpinStar to disk = 'F:\DATA\Data_BackUp\SStar\spin_Star_Aug_08.bak'
3.2 restore filelistonly from disk = 'D:\Binary_SpinStar\Data\AbcSpinStar_jun10.bak'
3.3 restore database Spinstar from disk
= 'F:\DATA\Data_BackUp\SStar\spin_Star_Aug_08.bak'
WITH MOVE 'Spinstar_Data' TO
MOVE 'Spinstar_Log' TO 'D:\Binary_SpinStar\Data\Spinstar_Log.Ldf'
4. Year Removal - remove extra year created, by mistake by hitting Create Next Year- Take backup first. After running verify the data. Ensure your software does not have special year ranges. This will not remove any transactions created in that year.

The following command will delete year entry 2006-2007. You have to replace the number 6 for relelvant year.
  Delete from ymaster where Y_no = 6



!!! Secure your system from virus and malware spreading thro USB drive (pen drive) . This simpe step makes your system more secured.!!!

From Start Menu - Run - gpedit.msc (Group Policy editor). Select Computer Config. > Admin. Templates > Windows Components > Auto play Policies : ENABLE THE TURN OFF AUTO PLAY. (The Menu name may vary between Windows XP and Vista OS)


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