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IT Salary,Outsourcing rate
White paper on Cost of Software solutions
Objectives: To explain the cost aspects of software services
   We are offering you the custom software development services, and you are outsourcing
the IT needs of your company.
   We are better suited for providing IT solutions than In-House software development.
The In-house development is not cost effective and not practically viable especially for Small and Medium Companies.
   We have to maintain pool of talent-well trained and experienced, for providing you best
   Points the Client-User should aware of :-
    We are a service - provider , in contrast to a product seller who just sell the license
(e.g. Microsoft Windows, Office, Tally and Accounting packages) we are serving to a specific industry. We also have to take care of software Deployment, Training and customisation.
   The main challenge of local companies is to attract and retain the talent
   Many companies serving domestic market either closed or moved towards other markets because of their inability to survive here.
   we are not selling product , but offering you service
   You are outsourcing the service from us. So compare the rate with other providers or in-house development not with Product rates
   Our total Cost of service = Product Rate + Implementation Rate
   The implementation cost is variable, and may go up beyond 50% product cost it self is some installations

 Best Practises for Customers

 The successful  implementation of IT solution is always challenge. And failure can be fatal particularly for SME / SMB s. With our experience in implementing it solutions and others we have listed few factors of the user which will determine the achieving the goals. These Ten Commandments will keep your IT project on track.
Ensure the Support & sponsorship of senior executive. Before preceding with an ERP Initiative no one should doubt the level of executive commitment.
Make the project a business transformation project; not an “IT” project
Find the most talented business oriented manager within the organization and appoint them project manager; the project cannot succeed without a strong, talented project manager.
Decide issues quickly and decisively; unresolved issues can be the quick sand of ERP projects
Communicate, communicate, communicate; sharing quality information with those impacted by ERP cannot be underestimated.
Ensure the organization’s infrastructure (pc’s telecommunications, etc.) is sufficiently robust before implementing ERP systems; upgrading infrastructure on the fly isn’t an option.
Do not change the ERP source code; even a minor code change can have enormous ramifications when upgrading to new versions of ERP software
Test the configured ERP software until exhaustion; the effort to correct problems post implementation grows exponentially.
Make user training a top priority. Commit serious resources and attention to this element of the project-- quality training provided just in time.
Set reasonable user and executive expectations before implementation; to get from here to there necessarily requires a period of consternation



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